How Do We Help ?


Helping Tree Owners Manage Their Tree Assets

We help tree owners manage their tree assets through assessment, auditing and pruning. Many of our corporate and educational clients recognise the benefits of regular maintenance visits to minimise unplanned events with trees and significantly reduce their exposure to disruption and claims as a result of tree failure. Trees have 2-300 million years’ evolution on us and are quite capable of surviving without human intervention.

The challenge arises when we humans choose to interfere with their surroundings by building roads, houses and schools. Trees have a lifespan and they also contract diseases and host pathogenic fungi. Routine scheduled maintenance of tree stock based on quantified visual tree assessment techniques often improves the aesthetic of the landscape but moreover increases the retention of mature tree stock whilst new trees become established.

Service delivery to our clients is a primary driver. There is a high level of systemisation for all our procedures from communication, operational delivery, auditing and training to enhance quality and performance and to ensure safety.

It is a common trait of business owners that when work is thin on the ground they are very attentive to the needs of the client, prospective or otherwise. When work is flowing well or there is too much to cope with the client is sidelined in an effort to complete as much as possible while it’s there. By using sustained, manageable and measurable marketing we can create a work pipeline to suit the level of business required at a reasonably consistent level. As the life cycle and hence the pruning cycle of trees is longer than the average time between trips to the hairdresser the need to build lasting relationships with our clients is important.

We have a great deal of flexibility and stability with our fully time employed operational staffing capabilities owing to the level of training, resourcefulness and work experience our systems and structures provide delivering a much more reliable and effective service.